Analogue or Digital Wireless CCTV , Which Should I Buy ?

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Wireless cameras are a boon for the people who do not want to compromise on the aesthetic look of their house by running the open cable or want to re-do the finishes after concealing the wire . We face these type of challenges in old beautiful bungalows where the power outlets are available in plenty but we can not drag the wire destroying those beautiful look of the wall etc .

Again at some places we face the challenge where it is almost impossible or it is not feasible to drag the wire between the two location as there may be two houses of the same owner at some distance or it is a farm field etc where each camera is getting power through electricity or by solar as running wire will put a huge cost on the client and not worth it .

We have explained the working of the Analogue & IP CCTV Cameras and how their respective system work to process the video footage . For leaning Analogue Vs IP CCTV Cameras  PLEASE CLICK HERE. 

Wireless CCTV  Cameras , as the name explains are the cameras which do not need physical wires to transmit the video & audio data from camera to the wireless receiver ( Mostly attached to the DVR / NVR ) through a radio band . The term wireless implies only for the transmission of the data and  these cameras do need wired connection for the power . Now a days many of battery powered wireless cameras are coming which makes it wireless in true literal meaning .

The wireless cameras are getting popularity due to the low cost of installation ( can be done by DIY guidelines given in the pack and  with minimal hand tools )  again saving on the cost by getting rid of expensi

At first , the wireless CCTV Cameras seems easy as there are no wires to be drawn( if we are fixing them at power points )  and it’s a plug and play devices . Whether it is true in most of the cases if we keep in mind the few things like Transmission Distance & Line of Sight .

When we start browsing for the available systems we find us attracted by the genuine cost of the Analogue Wireless CCTV Camera Systems and the advertised new technology of the Digital Wireless CCTV Camera Systems  and it is enough to confuse a person who has just started thinking about the fixing of CCTV Cameras.

Whether the work of both these systems is to provide the CCTV monitoring of your premises or property wirelessly (power supply is needed ) , they totally differ in their mode of working and the technology used .Lets have some basic idea of how they work and technology behind them , which will help us to make our picking on the type of system easy.


Analogue Wireless CCTV  Camera Systems:

As the case of Analogue CCTV Cameras , Analogue Wireless Cameras are also the older one among the two and are in service from quite a long time . In this , the transmitter at the camera sends the video and audio signal at a single fixed frequency and the receiving device which is already tuned to that frequency will receive this . The transmission of the signals from camera transmitter to the receiver is similar to how the FM radio works .

In most of the cases the analogue wireless camera’s  range will be approximately 300 Ft or  Approx 90 Mtrs when there is no obstruction and this range will reduce in case of obstructions like wall , tree , door , windows etc . .

Presently most of the Analogue Wireless cameras operates at 2.4 GHz frequency which is called as Wi-Fi friendly as it does not interfere with the Wi-Fi signals. Again as most of our household equipments i.e. Wi-Fi Router, Cordless Phone , Remotes , and microwave operate on the same 2.4 GHz frequency , these can cause the signal interference and can affect the quality of video and audio received by the camera .

In Analogue CCTV Camera System you can fix multiple receiver to receive the video and audio signals and can create a wireless CCTV System . All the receivers should be set to the same frequency in tune with the camera transmitter .



Analogue CCTV Cameras are almost comes ready to use and plug and play kind of device . The transmitter and receiver will already be tuned to the same frequency and only thing we have to give is to supply power and fix the cameras at locations .

Analoge Wireless usages a single frequency and any receiver tuned to that frequency can receive the data , hence we can install multiple receiver for every camera and can watch the live footage at many locations of our choice .

Here in Analogue Wireless CCTV Cameras , transmitter and receiver has wide range compatibility and till the time frequency range matches , there is some freedom to use devices from different kit and manufacturers , together.

Analogue CCTV Camera Systems are Cheaper because of being old school technology which is in use from a quite long time . This is widely accepted .



 The bad weather and specially very heavy rain can distort the signals , again the signal may get affected due to other wireless equipments .

Most of the Analogue Wireless Devices work of the 2.4 G Hz frequency and hence the interference from WiFi Router or Cardless Phone etc can happen . This may result total loss of Signal or Image distortion .

We can make the analogue transmitter of limited power to prevent them from interfering with other devices , but it results in shorter transmission range.

These Analogue CCTV Camera works on a Single Frequency and are susceptible to the hackers who can put receiver matching to that frequency and can see the video feeds . So it is always advisable not to put Analogue Wireless Video Surveillance for our sensitive areas .

No visual indicator for the signal strength like in the cell phone , we are not aware if the receiver is out of range or there is some other reason of getting bad video output .

These transmission are one way communication and there is no any way to sending signals from receiver to camera . Means , you can not ask cameras to perform the changed tasks time to time .


Digital Wireless CCTV Camera System:

Digital Wireless Cameras transmits the Video and  Audio outputs  which is encoded into digital format which is in 1 & 0 and the transmission will happen by hopping between a wide range of  frequencies .Here it is mandatory to pair the receiver with the transmitter so that it will automatically keep on matching with these frequencies .


Bigger Transmission Range – These systems comes with wide transmission range of approx up to 600 Ft , almost double to the Analogue Wireless Systems .

The Digital Wireless CCTV transmission works across wide range of frequencies and hence they can work and manage with the signals from other devices making it less prone to the intereference from other devices in vicinity which makes it more reliable for the quality of footage.

As these system are paired securely and there is negligible chance of interference from other devices , these are more powerful and covers till longer distance as there is no need to keep them with limited power as in case of Analogue Wireless CCTV Systems.

In Digital Wireless CCTV Cameras , the transmitter and  the receiver has to be paired together and it is not a open transmission and hence there is very less chance of security breach by receiving the signal by the hackers putting receiver.

Contrary to the Analogue Wireless CCTV Cameras , Digital Wireless CCTV  Cameras allow two way transmission which helps you to control the CCTV Camera and send them command for performing various functions .

Here many receivers can be connected to a single recording device ( Like  DVR ) .


These systems works on newer and advanced technology and hence are costlier .

Here the devices have to be paired together before use and it can not be mix and match and hence the devices from other manufactures can not be used together .

There is slight delay in the output as the digital data has to be processed by the receiver and again changed to the video into audio output. In Analogue Wireless cameras the camera transmitters send the data in video & audio format and hence there is not need to process and change it to video and audio again .


Out take on the Analogue Wireless Vs Digital Wireless is that even if the digital wireless CCTV Systems costs more , they comes with many upper hand features in comparison to the Analogue Wireless CCTV, they give better picture ,are less prone to interference from other wireless devices and  are more secure from hacking etc.