Are Automatic Fire Extinguishers Reliable ?

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Definitely Yes and as with every modern technology, they are better than their older siblings in safeguarding a premise from fire hazards . Automatic Fire Extinguishers do not need any immediate manual attention which is very important to douse the fire in its nascent stage , also it is not feasible to keep watch all the time to your home or a business facility and even in the large facilities which is open all the time with security  and safety staff , it is not possible to keep the staff at every corner .

Lets understand about the Automatic Fire Extinguisher’s , its way of working and structure , so that we can measure its effectiveness in case of Fire .

The Automatic Fire Extinguishers are just like our normal fire extinguishers fitted with the arrangement which activates its in case of triggering of smoke or fire and a certain temperature is reached.  To trigger this auto –on function of the Fire Extinguishers there are two ways to do this , first is by fixing a heat sensitive liquid in a glass bulb on the way to the fire suppressant and once a pre-defined temperature reached , it breaks and fire suppressant material is free to release .Second option is to use the computerized temperature detection ignition system which works by opening the nozzle of the Fire Extinguisher.

These extinguishers are the obvious choice at home  and commercial places as it don’t need the manual operation to douse the fire in case of emergency .

Again, as these extinguishers usages dry powder or  gas  as fire extinguishing agent and hence now people and business establishment use these at places where water damage would be costly.

How do they work ?

An automated system works independently with a method of detection, a trigger for activation and an agent to suppress the fire.

If you talk about how automatic fire extinguishers douse fire , then they exactly works in the same way as the manual fire extinguishers , the only difference is instead of squeezing the handle to operate the extinguisher this is replaced with a glass bulb filled with heat sensitive liquid which expand over temperature increase and caused the bulb to break once the temperature reached a pre-determined temperature and now the extinguisher is ready to work .

Mostly , the fire extinguishing agents are either simple wet or dry chemical types (in pre-engineered systems) or formulated agents that can be stored as a liquid and expelled as a gas for safety, and efficiency.

Automatic Fire Extinguishers can be classified into two types depending on the fire suppressant used in them.

1-Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers:  Dry Powder fire suppressant are quiet useful at various places and works on variety of fires . These can be used in the engine compartment of of ship & boats , vehicles , factories and warehouses . These provide an effective way to fight fires involving burning oils, petrol etc.

2-Gas Fire Extinguishers: These are mostly used in server rooms , computer rooms and other places of hi-tech and sophisticated electronic places where powder suppressant can cause damage to these expensive and sensitive equipment.

Where To Use An Automatic Fire Extinguisher System

An automatic fire extinguisher can be used anywhere whether it is residential or commercial buildings , vehicle , engine room , server room etc .Like every automatic system , it reduces the dependability on the manual response . These extinguishers are just a gift when we want to safeguard an unsupervised area .It is beneficial to the home owners as they  won’t have to compromise on going on vacations with full family , as there is this intelligent fire fighter available to safeguard their belonging behind them . Again , in case of emergency at a place there is no worry that the people there are trained to operate a fire extinguisher .It works whether the area is unmanned on a permanent or temporary basis.

These are affordable solution to the places where fire  sprinkler of fire suppressant system will be a costly option . At some places , we can not use the fire extinguisher to avoid the water damage of hi-tech equipment .

Got it all , Why should I fix Automatic Fire Extinguishers where there are other options available ?

Ability to safeguard the  place without manual supervision makes it very cost effective and powerful fire safety device . These fire extinguishers can be used at places where keeping a manual safety may not be possible or employing  other type of fire suppression system is not a practical idea .

Are there many benefits Fixing Automatic Fire Extinguishers ? 

  1. It provides 24X7 protection where it is installed . Something you will notice the incident when it is already doused by automatic fire extinguishers .
  2. No need of training to operate fire extinguishers to your family or employees.
  3. Extinguishes fire fast immediately when it is detected as it does not need any manual intervention in the process of dousing fire.
  4. Some insurance companies offer a discount on the insurance premium for your home , office and commercial spaces .
  5. Automatic fire extinguishers present their candidature as the most affordable fire suppressant system the other two system of fire sprinklers and water fire suppressant systems are way to costly in comparison .

6-We found that powder based automatic fire extinguishers can be used at almost all type of places , whether fire sprinklers have their limitation as they              can not be installed everywhere ( like in server room , hi-tech equipment area ) .

Summary : In our view , automatic fire extinguishers are low cost but very effective safeguard against fire . Our recommendation is to keep other fire safety equipment at place and use these two in combination .