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Time and Attendance  Systems ( TNA) are the devices ( having hardware and software parts ) which are used to monitor the working hours of the employees , exact IN and OUT time , number of breaks taken in a day and absenteeism . Is helps in a lot many way which will be discussed in the topic Benefits of Using Time & Attendance System  and also save major cost by reducing over-payments , which are given for the working hours in which employee was not working or absent .

The mismanagement of time and attendance of the employees can be fatal for your business and managing it properly without flaws can generate many benefits . However , managing time and attendance is not the core work of any business and putting a lot of time and effort on this is not advisable nowadays , thanks to the advancements in technology .

With the new age electronic devices/sensors  along with a good software support a company can manage Entry & Exits and restrict access to the premises . This not only keep the record of in and out time but also make note of Total Working Hours , Managing Shifts , Overtime Done and also the number of breaks taken in a day . The data from the Time and Attendance devices can be accessed easily from anywhere using internet . Again the added advantage is security of your premises as only authorized person can get entry into it .

Out of Curiosity – So , how big companies were monitoring their employees  ? The answer is using Manual Systems . One of the manual system is Time Punching Machine which stamps time on paper cards and these paper cards has to be given to the time keeper for further manually calculate the total number of work hours.

Automated Attendance Systems requires employees to present their credential provided by the organization /business owner in form of RFID Tag , Barcode Badge etc which again are getting replaced with Biometric Credentials , which is full proof and cannot  be  tampered with .

So , now we know that we can manage & monitor the employees perfectly using the Attendance System ,let us learn about type of attendance systems available in the market and which will be suitable for your particular requirement –

Type of Attendance Systems –

1-RFID Card Based Attendance Systems

2-MiFare Card Based Attendance Systems

3-Bio-metric Fingerprint Attendance System  & Thumb Attendance System

4-Face Recognition Attendance Systems

5-Multi Biometric Attendance Systems

Why do I need an Attendance System for my business?

The simple and instant answer of this is to Save Cost , To Save Manpower and to Enhance Productivity and to keep track on in-between coming and going of employees ( on break etc ) .

Obviously you do, if you do not want to employ few people only for keeping Payroll related work which can be done easily using an Automated Time & Attendance System.

With the changing time and increasing competition, now your core business needs you 100% attention and it is better if you can automate most of the things . This not only help you in cost and manpower saving but also makes it flawless and with less complexity.

Attendance Management System not only allows you to manage the days of presence but also enable you to calculate the exact number of hours employee work accurately . This is a boon when your type of business needs to pay overtime to employees.

For the type of business where there are field staffs out there , it again becomes helpful in tracking employees if they are working in the field or not , as some of the system comes with Mobile App login facility whether a field executive can put attendance using fingerprint sensor of the Mobile Phone and the time & location both will be recorded in the system .

You will be able to check how frequent you employees take break and for how long .

Tracking employee time will let you know if employees are punctual. This only works if you require employees to document the exact time they come or go. You can see if an employee tends to show up late or skip out early.

It again help you to track , at any point of time , for how many days an employee taken leave . It is necessary to have all this calculation to adjust their paid leaves .

  • Time and attendance systems allow employees to clock in and out electronically via time clocks, internet-connected computers, mobile devices and telephones.
  • That data then instantly transfers into software that can seamlessly import it into your payroll solution.
  • These systems do much more than just track when employees come and go, though. They also do the following:
    • Monitor mobile employees via geo-location and geo-fencing.
    • Give real-time data on who is working, who is not, who showed up late and who is nearing overtime
    • Manage paid time off (PTO)
    • Create employee schedules
    • Provide managers and business owners with detailed labor data
  • Time and attendance systems feature a self-service function that allows employees to handle many time-tracking tasks on their own, including reviewing the hours they’ve worked, their current and future schedules, and PTO details.
  • Time and attendance systems are offered as cloud-based or on-premises solutions. The on-premises systems are stored on servers within your business, while the cloud-based systems are housed by your time and attendance system provider and accessed online.

Pros and cons: The pros of the Attendance System are immense the if it has to summarize in one sentence , then, it help to cut on cost , boost productivity and by eliminating the need for manual time card and tedious work by Payroll staff and HR .

When we come to the drawback of the Attendance System the only drawback we find is that its initially costlier than the manual paper time punching type system . Again in some developed countries the employee association objects to the continuous monitoring.

Time and Attendance System Costs

The time and cost of the Attendance System may vary depending upon the type of Attendance System  you are looking for and the storage options you want to go . As management of the Bio-Metric Attendance System and Cost is lower in long term in  comparison to card based system ( In Card or Fob based system , every employee should be provided by the Card or Fob ) , we recommend companies to go for the Bio-metric Systems .

Again on the storage part , in the two options available of on-premises and  cloud based  , on-premises have large one time cost whether cloud based system incur smaller recurring monthly cost.

With on-premises systems, you pay all your costs upfront. You can expect to pay a huge cost for the software, licenses for each employee and installation. There aren’t any monthly fees for the service after that. However, there typically is no ongoing support or software updates included in your one-time costs.

For a cloud-based system, most services charge a per-user fee per month. Some services also assess a base monthly charge or a minimum monthly charge.

Some providers also charge a one-time setup and implementation fee. Unlike with on-premises systems, however, all software upgrades and support are included in your monthly expenses.

Benefits of Attendance Systems

Following benefits are in addition to the main benefit of automatically doing the timekeeping work with 100% accuracy and without investing in much human resource on the task .

  1. Financial insight of company– Attendance System can provide tracking for job costing and labor distribution. It can also give a view of the companies’ key performance indicators, including hours and wages, employee counts and schedule working status.  For a particular project inside the organization, it can clearly tell the number of hours with number of employees employed to that project and hence the labor part of the costing.
  1. Saves money–Having a detailed timing of  the employees can save up to a major portion of the payroll cost ,as automated attendance system works with almost 100% accuracy .
  2. Real-time information –This is also a major benefit of having automated Attendance Systems and specially in bigger organizations as it helps planning the human resource in better way and also in case of some urgent business requirement .
  3. Happier employees–The Automated Attendance System give fast & flawless  payroll data which help in timely processing of salaries and other employee benefits . It also helps to track the inability and award the deserving employees . This not only help bottom level employess, but also to Managers , Payroll Staffs , Human Resource professionals and Owners .
  4. Employee access–. In many organization , employees can also access there Attendance given by the Attendance Systems . This way they will be able to plan their leave and will minimize interaction between employees for petty questions about their attendance , number of utilized and available leaves etc.
  1. Greater & Accepted accuracy–Time and Attendance Systems provides 100% accuracy ( except negligible cases ) and it will be  accepted by the employees without any objection and hence it prevent any altercation between employees and payroll staff/HR . As there is no chance of any wrong entry and employee are aware that they are monitored , there will be positive action by the employees to get increment and promotions .
  2. Overtime calculations–Time and Attendance System makes the task of overtime calculation fast and accurate . It is of a lot of help in the situation where the industry demands work in overtime hours and the employees working overtime have different salary slabs .

Insurance benefits –There are many Insurance Companies who now ask for the detailed working hours of the employees for claim settlement, and in this scenario it is better to have Automated Attendance System to access all the payroll data of that employee easily.


Bio-metric time attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details. It uses finger and face recognition system to verify person’s identity and record its time-in and time-out with all required details.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance System?
  • It has many advantages over conventional time tracking used at organizations. Typically such organizations maintain a register book, where people entry their name, time-in, time-out and other required details but the problem with this manual system is inaccuracy, time consuming, unreliable and most important is less secure.
  • Biometric time attendance is very user friendly and easy to use; any person can use it very easily. It is very fast also, user has to see once in front of system and all details including its time will be recorded automatically. In this way it saves lot of time and still record details very accurately. One can avoid early punching, late punching and buddy punching very easily.
  • Many schools, college used Biometric Time Attendance to track their student’s attendance. The Biggest advantage of Biometric Time Attendance over manual tracking is better security. Many shops and shopping mall use biometric time attendance for security purpose and it really works a lot.
  • If someone wants to use it for business or organization, then they can easily integrate it to payroll systems, account systems and billing systems. So in that way it is very flexible also and it also shows that time attendance system can be used for all type of business and organizations with great flexibility.
  • In a nutshell biometric time attendance solution permits you to focus on your core business by giving quickest and easiest way to overcome your time tracking issues.

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