Carbon Monoxoide (CO) is a poisonous gas with no taste, colour or smell. Produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon based fuels such as gas or oil, sustained exposure can be deadly.


At Elecheck we provide expert Carbon Monoxide testing services. Our team can supply, install, service and maintain Carbon Monoxide detectors, designed to sound an alarm when CO is present in any room where there is a fuel burning appliance.

From social housing schemes to local authorities and schools, we deliver our Carbon Monoxide testing services on any scale throughout the UK. This Carbon Monoxide detection is conducted to meet the requirements of BS EN 50292:2002.

Carbon Mono-Oxide Alarm



What we’ll do

As standard, choose our Carbon Monoxide Testing services and we will:

Advise on the required level of Carbon Monoxide detection for your premises

Inspect and clean currently installed Carbon Monoxide detectors to ensure they are in good working order
Test all batteries and provide replacements where necessary
Supply and install Carbon Monoxide detectors in accordance with design specifications
Recommend any replacements or new installations required along with a free quotation