What is Difference Between WiFi CCTV and Wireless CCTV Cameras?

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Most of the time people gets confused about the Wireless and Wi-Fi cameras whether they are same or  different stuffs and if different , then which one is better and for which to go for .Lets learn in this article about this . Before going to the CCTV Cameras ,lets learn about the Wireless & Wi-Fi  Technologies , how it works, similarities and differences etc.

In very general terms wireless (most of my customers mean cellular) and Wi-Fi  are the same thing in that they allow devices to connect to the Internet without a cable.  The functionality and end result is effectively the same.  The difference is in the method of connectivity.


Wireless is quite vast term which encompass all & any device communicating /transmitting and receiving data without the use of a cord over air ( and not over wire ) . The wireless communication travels through air by Electromagnetic, Infrared or Satellite signals.It means anything which does not require a chord (wire) to transmit information can come into category of wireless .

Wireless” is a generic name  and can include BlueTooth, cellular data, and even mice and keyboards that dont connect to the PC using a cable. WiFi is a trademarked certification. That is, “Wireless” includes (is a super-set of) “Wi Fi”.

Example of Wireless Device 

Chord-less Phone , TV Remote Control , Radio & GPS  Systems , Cell Phone , PDA , Wireless Mice , Wireless Keyboard , Wireless Router , Wireless Network Card Etc.

The new entrant to the Wireless devices is cord-less charger  which rather don’t exchange information ( data ) wirelessly , then also it is connected to the another device ( phone ) wirelessly .

What is WLAN ?


WLAN ( Wireless LAN, Wireless Local Area Network ) is the network of computers which are situated in a small area and are connected via High Frequency Radio Signals to transmit and receive data among each other without any physical means of connectivity.

What is Wi-Fi ?

As you know about the WLAN by the above description , now the WiFi is a trademark name given to the category of WLAN devices. These devices follow the IEEE Standard 802.11 . We can say that all the devices in a WLAN will be of WiFi compatibility. If a device is marked WiFi compatible , it means that it can be used in a WLAN area for transferring the data without wire.
Wi-Fi usages Radio Waves to provide high speed Internet & Network connections. Wi-Fi is the most popular means of communicating data wirelessly , within a fixed location.
Wi-Fi is mistakenly taken as the short form of “ Wireless Fidelity “ but it is not correct and even writing it wifi, WiFi, WIFI or Wifi is not correct and not approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance .Wi-Fi is the trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance which is an international association of companies involved with wireless LAN technologies and products. Wi-Fi is just a technical term ( also trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance ) and is a type of Wireless Local Area ( WLAN) protocol based on the 802.11 IEEE network standards.

Difference Between WiFi and Wireless Communication

In general, both options provide a savings over wired connections as they lower cost and complexity of installation and with the time wireless is gaining ground over wired connection .

Wi-Fi and Wireless technologies are not totally different things as Wireless covers everything and every chord less communication happening . We can say that Wi-Fi is a specific communication which comes into the broader term of Wireless Communication .

The basic difference which comes to immediate notice is signal range ,  Wi-Fi is used for a small area whether other wireless communications  can cover a very large area and very very long distances .

Second difference is the speed of the flow of data in different wireless communication technologies. With the advent of latest 4G wireless service technology  download speeds can be up to 9.12 megabits per second, while a modern Wi-Fi router supports transfer speeds of up to 300 megabits per second.


Now , I think the readers can them self answer the title question of this blog , i.e.  which CCTV Camera is better , a camera working on Wi-Fi or other wireless technology ?

Our conclusion is a camera connected by Wi-Fi will have more data transfer speed but lesser range ( range here means from the Wi-Fi router to the individual camera connected on the same network ) than the camera which is running on other wireless technology . Please note here that if the Wi-Fi router/dongle  is connected to the internet , then once the camera is live on internet and it can be watched and guided anywhere in the world over internet .

Wi-Fi  signals gets affected by the physical obstructions but not to the extent of many other Wireless Signals which may need a clear line of site between camera and  receiver .


So , out take is , for High Definition cameras processing large data at fast speed but  in a small area -Cameras working on Wi-Fi technology , and for longer range , but processing data at average speed -Cameras working on other wireless technologies .

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