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Infrared security cameras have the capability to capture video in low light and no light (0 Lux) conditions. Because of this Infrared cameras (IR) are sometimes referred to as IR cameras or “Night Vision Security Cameras”. Infrared cameras have IR LEDs around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera its “Night Vision”.
Infrared Security Cameras can capture moderate quality videos in total darkness and even better quality video in low light. Even a small amount of light helps the overall night vision capability of Infrared Security Cameras a lot. IR cameras are available in various body styles, such as dome and bullet styles. There are also special Infrared Security Cameras such as license plate recognition (LPR cameras).
These night-vision cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black conditions using IR LEDs( Infrared LEDs) . In some cases we use them in mobile applications i.e. in some defence operations , in shooting wildlife at night time etc .