What Should I Do in the Case of Fire at my House?

What Should I Do in the Even of Fire at my House  I  Steps to be taken in case of House Fire  I  What to do if my House catches  Fire  I  How should I response in case I see a House Fire  I  How I can save my House from Fire  I  

You may not have faced fire at your or neighbors’ home and have not gone through the worst and horrendous experience, but it does not guarantee that it will not happen to you in the time to come, and as in case of any type of probable threat, the know how and the training gives you an edge to face the situation in better way.

1- Keep calm and use your brain , this is the most effective weapon we have against any odd .

2-Check If you Can Fight or should Flee?

You don’t have much of time once you see a fire and you have to decide immediately that you have to fight the fire or escape for the safety. If it is a nascent , very small fire and you know how to operate the extinguishers , just remember the PASS  and Pull the Pin , Aim at the base of the flames , Squeeze the handle and Sweep from  side to side till the fire is extinguished .

Never ever fight a fire if you have doubt controlling it , and please follow the rule of height in deciding to Fight or Flee, if the flame of fire is more than your height , just flee and don’t try any Endeavour . Please note that it is the inhalation of smoke and poisonous gases emitting from the fire which are the main culprit in the human casualties than the burn from fire. The inhalation of smoke and these gases makes you unconscious and indecisive and hence should be avoided at any cost

3-Use Fire Extinguishers & Cry Loudly, Simultaneously, to inform others.

If you have fire extinguisher at home and know how to operate it , you can use it in case of small fire . Please note to extinguishing the fire fully and you should not leave any smudging fire anywhere. Also , if  you are fighting the fire with the extinguishers , you can loudly call people for help.

4-Evacuate The Place –

If fire was not controlled by fire extinguishers , evacuate the place immediately and help other family members in this before escape route also got affected .

5-Check the doors for Fire on Other side

In case of your evacuation from the house , don’t suddenly open any door as there may be fully spread fire on the other side and opening the door may give adverse circumstances . Please touch the handle/ knob of the door with hand or the door with the backside of your palm to see the temperature on the other side .Also don’t open a door if you see smoke in the gaps of the door as it may fill your place with smoke and poisonous gases . Try using other door or window for escape .

6-Don’t waste Time in Picking Valuables

Nothing is more important than the life of yours and your families and don’t waste your precious time (you get time in seconds) on collecting valuables

Don’t use elevator in Case of Fire –There are many reasons not to use lifts in case of fire but the major reason is the electricity failure or cut which may just hang you between floors and once fire becomes big , the compartment of the lift behave as a  big oven .


7-If  your cloth catches fire , remember Stop , Drop & Roll –


Stop: Making movement will fan the flames or will disturb those who are attempting to put the fire out .

Drop: Drop to the ground and make sure you have covered your face with your palm to save it from injury on face .

Roll: Rolling  on the floor will deprive the fire of oxygen consequently extinguishing it . If you have a blanket or carpet , please roll it around yourself to extinguishing the flame.

8-Don’t Use Elevator in Case of Fire 

There are many reasons not to use lifts in case of fire but the major reason is the electricity failure or cut which may just hang you between floors and once fire becomes big , the compartment of the lift behave as a  big oven . If going down is not possible , climb to the terrace and keep the access door open which will prevent accumulating smoke in the stairs . Try to give signal to the people to save you .

9-Don’t Confine Yourself , it  will be dangerous –

Never ever lock yourself in the bathroom , closet or get under the table , bed etc heat and smoke will soon find you there

If you are not able to see anything due to smoke and dark , follow the wall till you come out .

10- In Smoky Situation , Crawl to the Nearest Exit and Run Out –

If you came to know about the fire and the condition is already hot and smoky you should get low and stay low and try to come out crawling. In home fires the temperature can go up to 1000 Degree F very fast with the widespread killer combination of smoke & poisonous gases which contains CO as well as Hydrogen Cyanide and Sulfide.

11-Evacuate and Run to a Safer Place: Now , you know that it is better to evacuate yourself and family members , do that safely and if you see smoke and fire , just crawl and once out of building , run to safety . Please note that you should not stand just beside the building on fire , as there are many things ( window , glass , wooden stuffs , concrete slab , metal pipes  etc which can fall from able and may be fatal , go to some safer distance from it ( Min 30-40 Ft ) .

12-Inform the Fire Department : If you have not done it yet , just inform them right away and don’t be in the dilemma that anyone else would  have already  done this seeing this big a fire , others may also have the same perception , so call the Fire Department and tell your address correctly with every details they may need, like exact location , affected floor etc .


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