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  • Bells only Alarms
  • Dialer Alarms
  • Smart Home Security Systems


  • CP  PLUS 
  • AXIS

A Brief Introduction of Home Security Alarm System.

security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion – un-authorised entry – into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Car alarms likewise protect vehicles and their contents. Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection; combination systems provide both fire and intrusion protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV) systems to automatically record the activities of intruders, and may interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors. Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-area systems with computer monitoring and control. It may even include two-way voice which allows communication between the panel and Monitoring station.

What is a Burglar Alarm or Intruder Alarm

Burglar Alarm ( also known as Intruder alarm ) system does the monitoring and detection of the un-authorized entry to your home ( or commercial property ) and it alerts the owner if  any suspicion instrusion happens in the property .

Component of Burglar / Intruder Alarms

A Burglar /  Intruder alarm consists of three main components, selected to provide security tailored to your requirements, and to initiate a suitable response.

Control Equipment

Control Panel in the  CPU or ‘brains’ of the system . It  analyses  and act  upon the signals received by detectors around the premises. The control panel is the place where you can set parameter for the working of  the alarm , access codes and can tell what your system need to do.The control panel will know the number of zones (typically rooms) in a given location, be able to alarm individual zones at your request and have a set number of remote keypads it can accommodate to prevent tampering.

Most of the programming of a burglar alarm system, as well as the wiring connections, occur at the Control Panel ( motherboard). The Control Panel  is mostly  located in a secure location in the house and there is no everyday interaction needed with this. In many burglar alarm systems Control Panel have option to put battery backup inside this box and is kept at full strength by the motherboard via a built in trickle charger. In the event of a loss of power the battery backup automatically keeps the burglar alarm system operating for a few hours up to a couple of days. The duration of the battery backup of the system directly depends  on the size, type and age of the battery, the number of  devices connected in the burglar alarm system, and the state of the alarm (i.e. on/off etc)

The control equipment will be determined by the level of risk and size of your property.

Key Pad

Key Pad is the next component of the burglar alarm system . This is the the way by which we  communicate with the system ( Control Panel ) . We use the keypad to contact with Alarm System , to activate or disable the alarm system or a particular alarm and also give the feed to the control panel what has to be done . The keypad also can tell the user when an intrusion alarm occurs, which door or window has been violated. Many keypads also have a Chime feature built in. The Chime feature is a very useful feature because it allows parents of small children to keep track when they’re coming and going from home. The way that it keeps track is the keypad(s) will beep when a door or window are opened. More sophisticated systems will have a computerized voice that will tell a home owner which window or door is open.

The Key Pad is normally fixed near( inside )  the main entrance door for convenience and some time in master bedroom which will be accessed by only the owner of the house to save it from tampering .

Detection devices & Sensors

The detection devices are the eyes of the Burglar Alarm System which detects the intruder the inform it to the System ( Control Panel ) .

Detection devices are the sensor which detect the intruder and inform it to the Control Equipment . There are many ways of detection and many type of detection devices , about which we will study further in this article. The placing of the devices at the right place is very crucial and they should be places avoiding direct sunlight , heat source and any equipment creating strong magnetic field .

Detection devices vary according to level of security, location and field of view required.


1-PIR Sensors – PIR Motion Sensors

 (PIRs) Motion Sensors are Passive  Infrared Detectors  and they are mostly installed in the corner of the room / hall etc to give the best security cover . PIR works by detecting motion and heat and send signal to the System ( Control Panel ) which activate alarm and siren and contact the owner by Call / SMS ( in advanced systems )  . There are special systems which are pet immune for the families having pets.

2-Door or Window Contacts

Like what PIR does for the room or  hall or an area , Door & Window Contact Sensors does the same when a door or window is opened .The way that these devices typically work if by the use of a magnetic contact. A magnet is the embedded in the door, or in the case of wireless, fastened to the door. When the door or window is opened the open circuit is sensed at the motherboard/control panel  and  that signifies the door or window is open.

Door contacts will be able to tell the control panel whenever a door is opened, and depending on your settings this will flag an alarm. When installing door contacts it’s essential to ensure they’re correctly aligned and the right distance apart, so that the system can detect intruders without fail. A good installer will be able to hide any wires so as not to raise suspicion and catch intruders off guard.

Sounders and Signaling

After control equipment receives the data of intrusion from the detection device , now it is the work of control equipment to inform by means of pre-set signal type . Like in the case of detection devices , there are many type of Signaling method to choose from . We will dicsuss about the signaling methods in detail further in this article .

Typical home alarm systems have a siren inside the house. A siren serves two basic functions. One function is to let any how occupants that a burglar is occuring but more importantly the siren usually scares the burglar away. The other type of siren is an outside siren. The benefit of an outside siren is to notify the neighborhood or people in the area that the alarm has been violated. This too will typically cause the burglar to flee. The benefit of the outside siren is that when the homeowners are away from a home, and a burglary is occurring, the outside siren notifies people around the house of the burglary.

 Wireless Panic Alarm

Wireless Panic Alarm is not a mandatory part of the Alarm System and it does not come as standard fitment, but we recommend people to go with this. This is connected to the main alarm remotely and using this main alarm can be activated in case of an intrusion where anyone manages to break in without tripping the main Alarm System. This panic alarm should be placed where it is easily reachable in case of emergency. When we’re home; we tend not to set any alarms so this is a perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time home alone of feel particularly vulnerable.

The Radio Receive

It i is connected directly to the Control Panel; it receives signals and data from all of the sensors attached to your system as well as receiving activation signals from the care pendant.

Now , Wired Or Wireless Alarm ?

Wired Alarm Systems works and run on wire for power and date transmission as in the case of all other type of wired security systems . Wired alarm systems are cheap in comparison to wireless systems but running wires ( and mostly hidden wires ) costs a lot in the beginning . Once the installation is done in the wired system , there maintenance is very less than wireless systems . The wired system can be connected to the single UPS as we are running wire everywhere starting from Control Panel to Sensors and  Sirens .

The best part with the Wireless Alarm system is , you yourself can install these systems and in case of changing house , you can unscrew and refix it at your new house without any follow-ups for installer .  Wireless alarms use battery-powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals.  These alarms tend to look nicer and beautiful .However, wireless systems are usually more expensive, and you will need batteries for all components, such as the control panel and all sensors. Wireless alarms look nicer but are more expensive. Wired systems, on the other hand, need wires running to each of the sensors to work. Wireless  Systems may be cheaper to buy, but they are more expensive to have installed: the wires need to be hidden away, so labour costs are higher.

Type Of Burglar Alarm Systems 

The best alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, your budget, where you live, what your home is like, and what level of protection and response you’re after.

Firstly, you need to decide what you would like to happen when your alarm goes off:

Bells-only alarms make a noise, but don’t contact anyone (such as the police or you).

Dialler burglar alarms automatically dial your phone number, or that of nominated friends and family, when the alarm is triggered.

Smart home-security systems contact you or family members when the alarm goes off through a smartphone or tablet app.

A monitoring contract means you pay a company monthly or annually to take action or call the police if the alarm goes off.

Bells-Only Burglar Alarm 

Bells –Only Burglar Alarms as the name implies , activates the siren once the property is compromises ( some intrusion happens ) and the siren makes a loud noise . In most of the cases this siren then act as a deterrent for the intruder and scare the intruder of getting caught. It also alert the neighbor who may come to help . The drawback of these alarms is that they don’t contact owner / or deputed person/agency and hence their signal ( siren ) may go un-answered sometime if you are not at home/nearby. Again Bell –Only alarms don’t alert you if they go off .

Before fixing the Bell –Only Alarms at your new home , please do the research of your neighborhood if the people living nearby who can listen to the alarm can come to the aid and call the police in case of emergency . It is better to put these alarm if you have active neighborhood watch , friends and relatives living nearby on whom you can rely that they will take action in such situation .


You don’t have to pay for a monitoring contract (read more on these below). Having an alarm, no matter what type, can help to deter a burglar. You can install it yourself.


You won’t be alerted when your alarm goes off unless someone nearby hears it and knows how to contact you. Without anyone to stop a break-in, the alarm on its own may not deter burglars.
Dialer burglar alarm or Auto Dialler Burglar Alarm

These alarms gives better protection than the Bell-Only Alarms . These alarms will contact the owner or the nominated person( friend , family or neighbor)  when the alarm is triggered . It give the control of the situation in your( or the nominate persons )  hand and you can call the police or follow-up with neighbor to look into it  when you are out of house .

. Most dialler alarms allow you to programme a list of between three and 10 phone numbers, which will be called in the priority order you’ve set. The first person it successfully contacts is able to stop the rest of the numbers from being contacted. Some more hi-tech models can also alert you if there is a fire or flood in your home, or connect to a panic button.

The dialer alarm are of two types depending on the type of phone connection available at your home . Speed dialers – Usages your landline connection and GSM dialer usages your mobile network connection and needs a working SIM with enough top up to call / sms .


Here also you won’t have to pay for a monitoring contract. You or the people you’ve nominated will be alerted when the alarm is triggered. If you buy one with additional detectors, it can also warn you about other dangers, such as fires/smoke etc .


You or your nominated contact(s) might be unavailable when alerted. If you choose a GSM dialer, a weak mobile network signal will affect how well it works. If you get a speech dialer, you’ll need a landline and will have extra wiring in your home.

Smart home-security systems

Smart  Home Security Systems is the new entrant of all other Type of Security Alarm Systems . Here we have one HUB ( Brain ) of the system which is connected to your ( or of authorized person’s )  smart phone or tablet and the system will alert in case of an emergency . Smart Home Security comes in various options depending upon the number and type of devices you want to connect to it and the type of alert you need in case of emergency . There are many systems now which are android based and some customization can be done in that pertaining to the need a particular property.

Smart Home Security System may be a Smart System catering to the need of the home security only of security of the house having Motions Sensors , Door –Window Contacts and CCTV Cameras . In the  second options , Smart Home Security System may be a part of larger and broader Smart Home System where many appliances i.e. Lights , Door , Door Locks , Fan ,ACs , Refrigerator , TVs and many more . In both the cases , you will be better connected and will be in control of your full home security . As CCTV cameras are also a part of your Smart Home Security once you get some alert of security breach at your home , you can see live what is happening and why alarm triggered and  you can reset the system in case of false alarm or take action in case of real threat .


Sends alerts when you’re away from home. Can be monitored and controlled from your Smartphone. You can set up a smart system yourself.


Not all smart security systems are a deterrent – it depends on the components you get and where you place them. As with a GSM dialler, whether or not you’re alerted depends on your mobile network signal. They can become expensive depending on the elements you choose.

Burglar alarm monitoring contracts

If you want more peace of mind that a problem at your home will be dealt with quickly, you could consider a burglar alarm with a monitoring contract. 18% of the people we surveyed have a contract and, of those, 72% said that having one seems very worthwhile. You can get monitoring contracts for wired or wireless alarms, but both the alarm itself and the installation must conform to certain standards – you won’t be able to install it yourself.

There are two types of monitoring contract: keyholder and police response. In either case, you pay a monthly or annual fee, and then the monitoring company will alert a nominated keyholder or the police when the alarm goes off. The alarm system connects to a receiving centre, which is notified each time your alarm is triggered. First, the receiving centre will call your home’s landline to ask for password identification. If this is incorrect or no one answers, it will take action. This is either to inform the keyholder(s), or to call the police, depending on what type of contract you have.


You can have 100% peace of mind and if anything happens where the monitoring company did’t informed on time , the monitoring company can be held liable .


The only major con of this is that one has to pay monthly / yearly fee for the monitoring services to the company .

Dummy alarm – a pretend alarm, looks real but isn’t. Homeowner who do not want to invest money on real Security Alarm Systems generally goes for these and these dummy cameras looks exactly same as real cameras and work as a deterrent to the burglar who are looking to sneak in your house .


These are very cheap in comparision to the real alarms and works as deterrent for those who have bad intention of trespassing your property / home .


The experienced burglars can recognize and differentiate between a real and fake Security Alarms .

Hybrid alarm – mixture of ‘wired’ and ‘wireless’ .

Different Types of Sensors That Home Alarm Systems Use to Detect an Intruder

As  we  described earlier , the sensors are the Eyes of the Home Alarm Systems and always having sharp eyes with accurate sight  is considered an added advantage . As you have to decide on the type of Home Alarm System to buy , it is important to get an idea of the different type of sensors and on which principal they work .  An efficient alarm system sensor will detect any intrusions and save you from unfortunate circumstances.

These are six  different types of sensors that home alarm systems use to detect an intruder.

1-Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

These are the most common type of sensors used in Home Alarm Systems, because they are practical and affordable. The word passive means that these detectors operate without any need to radiate and generate their own energy. PIR sensors can efficiently detect changes in the ambient temperature as well as body heat. If these sensors detect a temperature spike due to the presence of an intruder or foreign object, the alarm is triggered. A thing to note is that infrared energy cannot pass through glass, so the alarm won’t trigger due to the presence of people or animals outside.

2-Ultrasonic Detectors

Ultrasonic detectors use high-frequency sound waves to detect any kind of movement within a limited space. They transmit frequencies between 25 kHz and 75 kHz, which are inaudible to human ears. These frequencies are bounced off the walls, ceiling, as well as furniture in a protected room. And when there is any sudden change in the stabilized frequency, the alarm is triggered. Any moving object can change the frequency of the surrounding sound waves in the protected space, so these sensors will not discriminate between intruders and passersby.

3-Microwave Detectors

The only difference in ultrasonic detectors and microwave detectors is that microwave detectors use High Frequency Radio Waves instead of Sound Waves used by Ultrasonic Detectors . One of the advantage of using microwave detectors is that radio waves can go through walls, so they provide relatively more coverage as compared to ultrasonic waves.

4-Magnetic Switches

Magnetic switches are typically used for checking the intrusion at door and windows .They consist of two separate parts i.e. the switch and the magnet, and homeowners can easily install them themselves. The switch creates an electrical circuit with the magnet when closed because it contains a spring. In case of a  window or door is opened, the circuit breaks and that is informed to control panel which triggers and the alarm.

5-Photoelectric Beams

Photoelectric beams work on the basis of infrared light beams  to detect the presence of an intruder. These infrared light beams are usually stacked in rows of two or more. The circuit path of the beams gets broken by any obstruction on their way ( if anyone obstructs it ) which triggers alarm .

6-Glass Break Detectors

When a glass breaks , different bands of frequencies are generated including ultrasonic waves that are audible to humans as well as infrasonic that humans cannot hear. These sensors are installed next to glass panes, and the alarm sets off instantly when the glass breaks.

Brands of Burglar Alarms 

Hikvision , CP Plus , Bosch , ATSS , Zicom , Godrej I

Hikvision Burglar Alarm in Bangalore  I CP Plus Burglar Alarm in Bangalore  I  Bosch Burglar Alarm in Bangalore I  ATSS Burglar Alarm in Bangalore I 

Brands of Burglar Alarms 

Hikvision , CP Plus , Bosch , ATSS , Zicom , Godrej 

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