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  • CP  PLUS 
  • AXIS
  • SONY
  • D-LINK



  • 4 Channel DVR
  • 8 Channel DVR
  • 16 Channel DVR 
  • 32 Channel DVR
  • 64 Channel DVR
  • 2 MP DVR 
  • 4 MP DVR 
  • 5 MP DVR 
  • 6 MP DVR 
  • 8 MP DVR 
  • 1 SATA DVR
  • 2 SATA DVR
  • 4 SATA DVR


  • CP  PLUS 
  • AXIS
  • SONY
  • D-LINK



  • 4 Channel NVR 
  • 8 Channel NVR
  • 16 Channel NVR
  • 32 Channel NVR
  • 64 Channel NVR 
  • 1 SATA NVR 
  • 2 SATA NVR
  • 4 SATA NVR


  • CP  PLUS 
  • AXIS
  • SONY
  • D-LINK



  • 1 TB
  • 2 TB
  • 4 TB
  • 6 TB
  • 8 TB
  • External HDD
  • Cloud Storage Service


  • Seagate
  • WD Purple
  • Toshiba
  • Cloud Storage from Amazon.
  • Cloud Storage from D  Link.
  • Cloud Storage from Google.


  • CCTV DC  Power Supply
  • Mic (Audio Device)
  • 3+1 Co-axial Cable
  • CAT 6 Cable 
  • HDMI Cable
  • LAN Cable  (With Crimped Ends)
  • POE Switch
  • RJ45 Connectors
  • Metal Clamps 
  • BNC Connectors
  • DC Pin
  • PVC Modular Base Box 

We ( BrickwooD® security Systems ) deals in all type of CCTV Cameras and Security Security Systems . We are dealer & installer of most of the well known brands in security cameras . With an experience of 8 years working in electronic security domain and  broad knowledge of resources to pick  across brands , we are impartial in suggesting you the right solution which perfectly suits your requirement and your budget .

Lets learn in brief about the type of  cameras which are used in Video Surveillance Industry , to make an informed decision before buying one –

Analogue & IP Cameras


Contrary to the perception that immediately comes intoour  mind after reading the term ” Analogue Camera ” , ” IP Camera ” , these are not CCTV Camera models , but two different type of technology used in CCTV  Technology . Lets go to these two one by one –

Analogue CCTV  Technology 

Analogue CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Analogue CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Analogue CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Cameras on an modern analog CCTV system send their video in the traditional base band format over coax or UTP cabling back to a digital video recorder (DVR). Here, video is digitized and stored on hard drives. Most modern DVRs are a network device, and as such can be accessed remotely from the LAN, or with the proper configuration, from across a WAN or the internet.  Video is kept on hard drives, typically on a FIFO basis so there is always a rolling video archive of the past X days. So, despite the fact that video is being transmitted from the cameras in an analog format, live and recorded video is still available over the network.

An analog surveillance camera begins with a CCD sensor and then digitizes the image for processing. But before it can transmit the video, it needs to convert it back to analog so it can be received by an analog device, such as a video monitor or recorder. Unlike IP cameras, analog have no built-in web servers or encoders and require no technical maintenance. These functions are implemented in the recording and/or control equipment.

 IP CCTV Technology 

IP  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  IP  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   IP  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |
IP video cameras broadcast their video as a digital stream over an IP network. Like an analog system, video is recorded on hard drives, but since the video is an IP stream straight from the camera, there is more flexibility as to how and where that video is recorded. The DVR is replaced with an NVR (network video recorder), which in some cases is just software since it doesn’t need to convert analog to digital. Video footage can then be stored on new or existing network RAID drives as directed by the NVR software.

What is commonly known as an IP camera, is a camera that digitizes and processes analog images, encodes them internally, and then transmits the video information digitally over an Ethernet connection to a computer or similar device. An IP camera can have either a CMOS or a CCD sensor, and is available in the same styles as traditional surveillance cameras such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom, domes, bullets, box, infrared, covert, and wireless.

IP cameras are typically equipped with an embedded web server and can be accessed and controlled over any IP network such as a WAN, LAN, Intranet, or Internet. By utilizing a standard web browser or client software users can view an IP camera’s video output from any local or remote location.
IP cameras combine the capabilities of a camera with some PC functionality, do not require a direct connection to a PC to operate, and can be placed anywhere within a network. Just like any other PC on the network, an IP camera is a “network appliance”.It has its own IP address, connects directly to a wired or wireless network and requires maintenance.

To read more about difference between Analogue & IP Cameras , please click here .

Dome Cameras

Dome  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Dome  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Dome  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Dome security cameras are named for their dome shaped casing and are the most common camera in systems today. Dome security cameras are excellent for indoor and outdoor use as the camera’s case blends into the surroundings and which makes it difficult to tell where the camera is facing. When shopping for a dome CCTV camera, you should determine if you need a night vision camera for monitoring at night or a vandal resistant camera for areas that are susceptible to vandalism. These cameras come in a wide variety of models and features sets so please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts if you have questions on which dome security camera is right for you!

To learn more about Dome CCTV Cameras, click here.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Bullet  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Bullet   CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

A bullet CCTV has got its name due to its shape resembling to the bullet . It is installed as part of a video surveillance system. These cameras are used in residential as well as commercial surveillance systems.

These small cameras have surprisingly good performance given that their small size limits their focal length. They typically have fixed focus. Most of the cameras have infrared capability for use at night. They are available in both indoor and outdoor models.

To learn more about Bullet CCTV Cameras, click here.

For Difference between Analogue & Bullet CCTV Cameras , click here .

Box Cameras

Box  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Box  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Box  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Box cameras , again are in most of the cases rectangular boxes and  are larger and have internal components and lenses that can sometimes be replaced.  Box Cameras  usually have  better optical performance, longer service life-span and with the right housing  and can be mounted in almost  any location and environment.  Box cameras are not meant to be discreet and are usually an imposing symbol of security presence at an installation to be used as a deterrent.

Look Wise Bullet and Box cameras seem bit similar , whether they are quite different and a Bullet Camera is more near to Dome Camera than to Box Cameras .   A bullet camera is actually a box camera sealed inside its own housing.  They come in fixed or vari-focal varieties with or  without LEDS for infrared illumination and for indoor or waterproofed for outdoor use.  Like dome cameras, bullet cameras are not serviceable and come with lenses and housings that are permanently attached.  Also like dome cameras they are usually small and are meant to be mounted discreetly.

To learn more about Box CCTV Cameras, click here.

For Difference between Bullet & Box Cameras , click here . 

Indoor Cameras

Indoor  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Indoor  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Indoor  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Indoor CCTV Cameras as the name specify is meant for the use in covered area i.e. inside the house , office or a building. These cameras don’t come with weatherproof casing and hence are not suitable for the outdoor use . Most of these cameras are dome shaped to keep it non intrusive and almost all the hidden / covert cameras are indoor cameras as they can not be used in outdoor conditions .

Indoor cameras are smaller in shape  , light weight and not intrusive as heavier and bulky outdoor cameras .

To learn more about Indoor CCTV Cameras, click here.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Outdoor  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Outdoor  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Outdoor cameras are  more vulnerable to being tampered with, so they are typically made of more durable materials, like metal, and may be heavier or even housed in a casing in order to discourage easy removal.Most of the outdoor cameras will come with weatherproof housing to save it from rain , dust and temperature etc .

To learn more about Outdoor CCTV Cameras, click here.

Weatherproof Cameras

Weatherproof  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Weatherproof   CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Weatherproof  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

These are almost same cameras as outdoor cameras . These cameras comes with IP rating specifying which kind of weather condition it can survive . Go to our blog Ip Rating for CCTV Cameras to know more about it .

To learn more about weatherproof CCTV Cameras, click here.

 Day & Night Cameras & Infrared CCTV Cameras 

When we talk about day and night cameras , there are two type of cameras –

1-Low light condition cameras – There cameras has the ability to work in very low light condition and shift automatically to black and white recording when there is very less light . These cameras can see in very low light condition without the help of the infra-red.Please note that these cameras can not work in zero light condition .

2-Infrared Cameras – 

Infrared  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Infrared  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Infrared  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

When the condition come from low light to absolutely zero light condition , the case comes beyond the capacity of Low Light condition Cameras and here comes the Infra-red cameras . Infra-red cameras can work in zero light conditions .Infrared camera uses LED infrared lights built into the camera to see at night. The infrared light spectrum is not visible by the human eye, but can be seen by the camera.

To learn more about Infrared  CCTV Cameras, click here.

Vari-focal Lens Cameras

Vari-Focal Lens  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Vari-Focal   CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Vari-Focal Lens CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

When you go to buy a  CCTV Camera you will find two type of CCTV Cameras when the cameras lens is considered .You can either get a fixed lens, or a vari-focal lens. A fixed lens Camera comes with already  a set aperture that cannot be changed. These can be used either for overviews or for close up detail, but they cannot be used for both . Before buying a fixed lens camera , please use a lens calculator to know the correct aperture required for the location you want to use it as you can not adjust it afterward .

Vari-Focal lens can be adjusted and hence gives flexibility of usages  as  you make changes to the view at a later date. Varifocal lenses come in various apertures. These are the general lense sizes. 2.8-12mm lens, 3.5-8mm lens, 6-60mm lens, and 5-100mm lens. The larger the aperture number, the more zoomed in the image will appear and the greater detail that can be captured. The smaller the aperture number, the wider the view and less detail will be captured.But you should know that the larger the aperture, the greater the detail, but you will get less of a field of view, so the image will be narrower. The smaller the aperture, the wider the field of view, but the less detail you will get.

To learn more about Vari-focal Lens CCTV Cameras, click here.

PTZ Cameras ( Pan-Tilt -Zoom Cameras ) 

PTZ   CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  PTZ  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   PTZ   CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

PTZ cameras are used to cover much larger area using a single cameras with full range of horizontal and vertical movement . There cameras can change direction and angle and can zoom in and out based on the command or auto-setting . These cameras can be controlled remotely using PC  or Mobile for the movement .

As these cameras have vari-focal lens which can be auto-adjusted , means you can view and large area and can also see for deep detail of any particular motion or object .

To learn more about PTZ Cameras , click here . 

LPR  ( Licence Plate Recognition Cameras )

LPR   CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  LPR  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   LPR  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

These are the cameras used to capture the Vehicle Numbers

To learn more about LPR CCTV Cameras, click here.

Fish Eye Cameras

Fish-Eye CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Fish-Eye  CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Fish-Eye  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

Fisheye security cameras use a fish eye lens that is capable of 180 degree monitoring in true HD. In most applications, a single fisheye IP security camera can cover large areas up to 4,000 square feet and can replace multiple standard cameras without any loss in coverage.

Fisheye and panoramic cameras offer a much wider field of view than fixed cameras, up to 360 degrees. Unlike fixed cameras that narrow in on a specific spot or area such as a room, hallway, office cubicle, and entrances and exits, fisheye and panoramic cameras can cover a much higher wider area. Depending on your security needs, a fisheye or panoramic camera may be what you’re looking for, as both can provide surveillance for broad areas like stores, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls, and ports.

To learn more about Fish Eye ( Panoramic CCTV Cameras ), click here .

Motion Sensor Cameras

Motion Sensor  CCTV Camera Dealers in Bengaluru  |  Motion Sensor   CCTV Suppliers in Bengaluru   |   Motion Sensor  CCTV Camera Vendors in Bengaluru   |

A Motion Sensor Camera or Motion Activated Camera detects and record the movements and some time send alerts also in form of Alarm or SMS .

Depending upon the technology of detecting the movement or moving object , there are two type of motion sensor cameras .

  • Software-based motion sensor cameras: This kind of motion activated  cameras detects motion by comparing images and counting the number of different pixels. When there are pixel changes between successive frames, the software inside will count it as a motion event and trigger the motion alarms.
  • PIR sensor-based motion sensor cameras: This kind of motion activated  camera uses PIR movement sensor, also called PIR sensor, to detect motion events by comparing the previous temperature with the new state, which will emit different levels of infrared light. When a warm body like a burglar or intruder passes by, the change pulses can be detected and trigger the motion alert.

To learn more about Motion Sensor Cameras, click here .

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