What are the Different Types of “Detection” which Can be performed by Security Camera Systems?

What are the Different Types of “Detection” which Can be performed by Security Camera Systems?  I  Smart Detection  I  Line Crossing Detection I  Scene Change Detection  I   Intrusion Detection I  Audio Exception Detection  I  De-focus Detection  I  Motion Detection  I  Face Detection  I  Region Entrance / Region Exiting Detection  I  Object Left/Removal Detection  I  Dynamic Analysis  I  ANPR  I 

1-Line Crossing Detection

With the Line Crossing Detection you can set line or lines on the view of  a specific camera and  can create a virtual barrier crossing hence can be  used to detect people crossing over the line or enter the restricted area.. The NVR can be set to send mobile notification , begin recording or sound alarm .

Benefits & Usages of Line  Crossing :

  • Protecting Key Areas of a property
  • Creating a virtual fence  using multiple cameras
  • Recording only when there is intrusion in property
  • Fast Searching for any mis-happening as one will not have to search for all the footage length.
  • Getting notification & alarms which will help us taking timely action .


2-Scene Change Detection

Scene change detection is again one smart feature coming in advanced cameras . Scene change detection gets activated once someone changes the camera’s viewing direction and the cameras finds it capturing a totally different scene than the previous one . In this case camera can send mobile notification , trigger alarm or start recording as per the settings.

Benefits & Usages:

  • The main benefits of scene change detection is if anyone intentionally or unintentionally changes the direction of the camera from it correct direction , it triggers alarm and the owner of the property can get it re-positioned .


3-Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is a smart feature in the modern CCTV cameras and used by Individuals as well as govt and business securing there are and property. If a person or object enters a predefined area set in the camera , it will detect the breach and sent notification , start recording or sound alarm as per  the setting . We can now set the dimension of the intruder and even cameras now a days can use latest algorithms for dimension and automatically analyze the intruder’s dimension ratio to reduce false alarm.

Benefits & Usages of Intrusion Detection :

  • CCTV Cameras with Intrusion Detection are helpful in securing a defined area .These are used by individuals and corporate for security their property and by security agencies to secure the border as well as other areas of importance within the  country .


4-Audio Exception Detection

Audio Exception Detection or Audio Loss Detection is one of the exception detection by advanced CCTV camera system where it detects if there is any loss of sound or any sudden abnormal sound (i,e, silence detection,environment noise detection, and current noise detection).We can set the parameter into the system so that it can trigger when it detects a sound other than the sound it is set for .

Benefits & Usages:

  • Detecting sudden loss to sound or  detection of an abnormal sound can provides added security .
  • The algorithms can recognize the sound volume and source in the environment and can alert similarly .


5-Defocus Detection

Defocus detection is again an advanced feature of the modern security cameras which when detects that the lens of the camera is out of focus and hence the quality of footage is not up to the mark ( blurred or unclear ) , it sends notification or trigger alarm. The security camera lens may be out of focus due to one of several reasons like camera malfunction or  if the focal length changes due to unintended changes in camera position . The camera equipped with this function will alarm the owner when image loses sharpness and becomes unclear due to change in camera lens’s focus .

Benefits & Usages :

  • The benefits of the defocus detection is that you will always get sharp pictures
  • You will be notified if anyone has moved the position of the camera intentionally/unintentionally .

6-Motion Detection

The cameras with motion detection can recognize if there is a motion and as per pre-specified setting can start recording , alert the owner by sending notification or trigger alarm. The algorithm of the camera system looks at individual image frame and compare it with the previous one and on finding difference between these two the camera assumes that a motion has happened To do this the DVR looks at individual image frames and compares them to the previous one. If it sees differences then motion is assumed to have taken place.

These new camera usages advanced algorithms which can differentiate between movements and hence we can avoid false alarm .  Again , we can limit the motion detection for a particular area and not for the whole area in the view of the camera and you don’t have to use full screen .

The people  want to use the motion triggered recording to save space on HDD and to watch only footage which may be of some use . But we at BrickwooD are of the view to put the cameras on continuous recording with motion detection triggering being used to create bookmarks in 24X7 recording .

Benefits & Use : 

  • An added advantage  to make your home office fully secure .
  • No need to record the footage 24X7 .
  • Fast search of the important footage having motion .

7-Face Detection

Face Detection is the technology of indentifying a human face within a digital image . Face Detection technology of the cameras usages algorithms for detection of the human face among a larger image . There may be numerous objects in the larger image which are not human faces such as landscapes , buildings , luggages , vehicles and other parts of humans ( i.e. leg , shoulder , arms ).

These cameras once detects human faces , send notification , start recording or trigger alarm or perform some other function as per the settings .

Benefits & Usages : 

  • Used by security agencies at border and inside country .
  • It is used to Auto-Focus Cameras .
  • Used to count number of people entering a particular area .
  • Used in marketing , as ads can be displayed the moment a face is detected .

Please Note: Face Detection & Face Recognition is sometime confuses many of us , but these two are different terms and Face Detection is a broader term covering all aspect of Human Face Detection and its usages whether Face Recognition is a bio-metric technology which go beyond the human face detection   comparing the faces of the people present there and matching with the available database in the system to know if it is of a particular person . In nutshell , Face Detection -Detects a human face  in an area while Face Recognition tell us whose face it is . 


8-Region Entrance / Region Exist Detection

Region Entrance/Exit detection detects people , vehicle or other objects when they enter/exit from a predefined virtual region and they trigger alarm , send notification and also can alert the system to follow it by the help of group of cameras connected to the same network in the premises .

Please note that Region Enter / Exit detection is different from object left / removal detection and in the object left/removal detection the alarm will trigger if one takes the object from a predefined position or left an object for a long time , whether region enter/exit detection will happen if one object enters/exit  a predefined area , means works like a virtual fence for objects entry/exit for predefined area.

Object Left/Removal Detection

This is a behavior analysis detection by the modern cameras and it detects if objects are removed from a predefined region or if an object is left unattended  for  a  long time by someone in a region .

Object Removal Detection  feature is very helpful and  being used in exhibitions , galleries , displays etc for any theft related cases . The group of the cameras fixed all over the area in same network  can be set to follow the person who has picked the object till the end of the premises.

Object left detection is being used widely at Airports etc to manage luggage and  by security agencies at public place or important places to check for any explosive kept there. In this case also , the security system can go in reverse mode to show the person who has kept the luggage which again helps agencies to analyze and reach on a conclusion  owing to the behavior , body language , face of the person etc .

Benefits & Usages of Object Left/Removal Detection :

  • Theft prevention
  • Luggage Management
  • Securing an area.
  • Godown Management
  • Shipyard Management
  • Factories

9-Dynamic Analysis

10-ANPR ( Automatic Number Plate Recognition ) :