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We Deals in the Following Brands of Digital / Smart Locks.




  • Godrej
  • Yale
  • Samsung
  • Haffele
  • Enox
  • Panasonic
  • eSSL
  • CP Plus
  • Ozone

What is a Digital Lock?

Your Own house may not allow you some time to enter your home, if you have analogue lock at the main door. ( Means , you will not be able to enter your home if you have forgot or lost the door key ) . It happened quiet a few times with me and I think with many of my friends who is reading this page. The simple answer to this is to get DIGITAL LOCK( ELECTRONIC LOCKS )or SMART LOCK. (  We will tell you the difference between Digital Lock & Smart Lock in this article later ) .

Digital Lock and Electronic Locks are same and they refer to locking devices that are operated by means of an electric current. This is a pretty broad definition, and covers many types of locks including those that are unlocked via PIN codes, RFID cards, bio-metrics (i.e. fingerprints), and many more.They can solve the issue of keys being lost or stolen and replacing the keys which could be inefficient and expensive.

smart lock is an electro-mechanical lock which is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives such instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process. It also monitors access and sends alerts for the different events it monitors and some other critical events related to the status of the device. ( Wikipedia Definition )

Most of us  have confusion about the term Digital Lock , Electronic Lock and Smart Lock ( at many places it is written Digital Smart Lock , which further adds to the confusion ) . Here for the reader we will clarify that DIGITAL LOCK & ELECTRONIC LOCK are same and both these term states to the same object . But for understanding the difference between Digital Lock and Smart Lock we will give you the definition of all type of locks –

Conventional Or Analogue Locks 

We all must be knowing about the conventional Door Locks and in a developing country like India , the use of conventional lock is 99.93% , if we count all the doors of commercial and residential properties .

In conventional locks the key  is inserted into the lock to operate it, and together they are used as a security device to protect certain restricted areas. This method of restricting access has been used for a long, long time now (with the earliest keys dating back to ancient Roman times).

Even till now ,  the conventional locks give security to almost 93% Houses / Door all over the world with increasing number of Digital Locks in developed country and cities . Even with the dominance of the conventional locks to keep a property safe and keep intruder out , these locks are not the most convenient or safest method of protecting a home or property . At many times the owner of the house face problems of being locked out of his own house for the reason of not carrying the key , and you believe me , this is a very-very frustrating experience .

 Digital / Electronic Locks 

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The main objective of securing the premises remain same as in the Conventional Lock .These digital locks are different from the Conventional Locks giving following added advantage –

1-Keyless entry & Allied Benefits

Keyless entry is the one of the major benefit of the Digital Locks ( In some case one has to carry RFID Cards ).The keyless entry facility not only keep out of worries of loosing/ forgetting key , but also adds more security which comes due to key duplication in conventional locks.

Keyless Entry Can be Done Using the following –


RFID Cards or Fobs


Nowadays bio-metrics are more into uses as you wont have to remember the PIN or carry RFID Cards in your purse .

2-Time-sensitive entry

Few digital locks are  capable of executing time-sensitive entry, such as PIN codes which are only valid for a certain period of time.

Smart Locks

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Smart Lock is a Digital Lock which can be controlled by a separate device ( by your Smartphone or home automation / smart-home hub ). A Smart Lock is always a Digital Lock but a Digital Lock need not be a Smart Lock always.In other way  you can say that a Smart Lock is a sub-set under the broader category of Digital Locks .Smart Locks comes with the benefits of Digital Locks but with added features.


As smart lock is connected to your smart phone via your phone ‘s Bluetooth and/or  internet . In case it is connected to your phone or Smart Home Hub by internet , it gives a lot more options to operate it from any location in the world , you can lock and unlock it sitting at any corner of the world .

2-Ease of use

As smart lock is technologically advanced and can be  operated easily using your smart phone and via internet , it gives a lot of ease on Digital Locks . In smart lock you  have to give commands from your phone using the respective mobile app and also you can make the changes in the setting using your phone , whether you have to approach the lock physically for changing the PIN of your lock or for any change in setting .

3-Monitoring of visitor access

The smart lock is able to track who enters your home and the exact time and date when they did. For those who would like to know when their family members or visitors enter their homes, this would be useful for you.

Lets Give one Example  to Differentiate the Digital Lock to Smart Lock by comparing  it to wrist watches –

A simple analogy to describe how the conventional lock & key, the digital/electronic lock and the smart lock relate to one another – we would say it’s like comparing an analogue watch, digital watch, and a smartwatch (like the Apple watch!). The analogue watch is like the conventional lock & key – mechanical, straight-forward but limited in functionality. The digital watch (in most cases) is driven electronically which allows it to have more features, like the digital/electronic lock. But when it comes to connectivity and convenience, there is no competition with the smart watch (like the smart lock).


Benefits of Digital / Smart Locks 

 Burglar Proof : Because there is no place for a key with these locks, the prevent break-ins because burglars are unable to pick or ‘bump’ the lock. Criminals methods of breaking and entering are improving and the majority of criminals can pick an ordinary key lock.

 Key Less Entry – You won’t have to carry around a large set of keys and they will be less likely to be lost or stolen. Also, if you are a landlord, you don’t have to give residents keys or replace them if they lose them.

Control: In a company building, you can control and restrict who goes into what part of the building. Also residents and landlords of apartments and flat, can control who can enter their room with one PIN code and it reduces the risk of anything getting stolen. It is incredibly easy to change the PIN code whenever you like. The combination door locks from The Workplace Depot have over 8,000 possible code combinations with a simple code change facility.

Aesthetically Smart : Door locks can come in a range of stylish colours that look smart and professional. At The Workplace Depot, we sell mechanical digital door locks in a choice of 3 colours, brass, chrome and satin chrome.

Perfect for the elderly or disabled: The extra investment into a door lock could bring massive advantages to those who are unable to get to the door quickly and/or who struggle with keys.


 Forgetting PIN : You may be the one to forget your keys now and then, and it can be easy to forget you PIN code for the lock and when your in a rush to get into the room or building or it is night time and dark, you don’t want to be changing the code in the middle of the night or when it’s raining!

Keep the PIN code safe and the lock clean: Only tell the code to people who you trust, as you don’t want a code to your property to be local news. When the lock has been used a few too many times, the coating may start to come away or mucky fingerprints may start to occur on the buttons. Keep the lock maintained and clean to stop unwanted people finding out the code!

Power Failure: Some digital door locks are powered by electricity, if your house or building has a power failure, then the door lock will not work which restricts you from entering the building. Buying a mechanical or battery powered lock will not affect you if there is a power failure.

Limit the PIN Code Length: Some digital door locks have a PIN code length up to 10 digits – this is not what you want! Digital Door Locks will be much more secure if they are only 4 digits long. Purchase a quality lock that you can change the PIN code on, don’t buy locks that are provided with a PIN code because people can find out the code.


Selection Criteria For Digital Locks or Basis of Selecting a Digital Lock

As one will be thinking of changing their analogue lock to go for Electronic Lock , one must be knowing the benefits of these locks over and  above the analogue locks . Knowing the benefits of a particular electronic door lock will make the decision of home owner easier to go for it . We are taking time here to outline the criteria for the selection of the best lock for your home and the things that each of these locks can bring to the table as electronic door locks for home use .

1. Security

The main work of the lock it to provide security and it should be true with digital and smart locks also and that is why we kept this criteria on first position . Digital locks comes with many fancy  additional features which are good to have but these add on features should be considered only after being sure about the quantum of security provided by the lock and its strength as these features has no value at the cost of security .

Sacrificing your security just so that you are able to operate a lock with your smartphone could potentially leave your home vulnerable, and your family exposed. After all, keeping a specific location secure is the primary mandate of any lock installed on a door. It matters very little if your lock can communicate with multiple devices if it is not able to guard against unauthorized access. This is why security is the foremost perspective through which you should be viewing electronic door locks for home use.

2. Ease Of Use

Whenever you are discussing the best electronic door locks for home, you should always take stock of how easy the lock is to use. In this instance, ease of use is somewhat synonymous with accessibility. Essentially, how easy is it for homeowners to operate the electronic lock?You will be using the locks many times a day and obviously not for the entertainment so that you will enjoy spending time operating this . In other word , your locks should be very easy to use . We , our children and/ or staffs will be  using the locks on daily basis and if due to difficulty in use or the time taken in using these are more , our children or staff can compromise on security of the house / property by not using it some time .

3. Ease Of Installation

You have decided on the lock giving maximum security and good on the Hi Fi add on features also , but wait , please check the compatibility of fixing these locks in your doors and mainly when you are fixing many locks as modification will cost you a lot if these locks are not suitable with the existing doors . Ease of installation just reflect the ease of use in most of the cases and the  locks which are easy to install are extremely hard to install are usually proven to be very hard to use as well .

The installation of electronic locks can be done by DIY instructions or by calling an experienced installer . A lock hard to install will cost much more for the installation . The overall cost of the lock including installation should also be considered a major factor on closing on the best Electronic Lock for your house.

4. Integration With Other Devices

Integration of the Electronic Locks  with the other devices ( Smart Phone , Smart Watch or with  PCs ) can also be considered as one of the criteria but definitely not the deciding factor and should not over rule the above three points . As we are talking here about the broad perspective of the Electronic Locks / Digital Locks and not only a sub set of it ( Smart Locks ) , and not all Electronic Locks comes with the device integration facility , hence once your include the device integration as the main deciding factor , you are limiting yourself to only Smart Locks .

Apart from the given ease of operation these locks from your smart phone or by other devices which are connected to your lock by internet , as in most of the connected devices over internet , it comes with the drawback of getting HACKED .

Brands in Digital Locks & Smart Locks

Digital Lock Brands

Assa Abloy , Godrej Locks , Yale , Gate Man , Samsung Smart Lock , Hafele India , RIOO , Kwikset ,  SoHoMiLL, August , Schlage Camelot , Lockitron ,  Sesame , Haven ,  Ultraloq , Baldwin , Simplex , Weiser , Medeco , UPVC etc .

Smart Lock Brands

 Dahua , eSSL  , Yale ,