How Much Power A Security Camera System Consumes ?

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If you are asking this question worried about saving on energy bills, don’t worry as the energy bill for a CCTV camera cost pennies and should not be a matter of concern. In a nutshell, the electricity cost for a medium sized house is so less that even if you switched off them completely, you won’t be able to save money for a large sized pizza in a year.

We came across standalone cameras from many manufacturers which runs on the internal batteries and need not be replaced or recharged for few years. This type of cameras mostly works with active motion sensors to save power on recording and on IR.


Rough Cost Calculation for Electricity Consumption in a year by CCTV Camera Systems:

Assuming each camera uses 10W (5v 2A) which is plausible, 4 cameras 40W +  DVR / NVR consuming 20 W , so electricity consumption for total system =60 W
Cost per kWh used from BESCOM ( Assuming you are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, at other places in India it will be more  or less same) – Rs 7

Cost for the 60 W =(60/1000 ) x  Rs 7 = Rs .42
365 days in a year=365  x  .42 Rs = Rs 153.3

Above calculation shows that the  electricity cost for a 4 Camera CCTV Camera System for a year will be Approx. 155 Rs .

If you are worried about the electricity bills and want to save some serious money on that , you should think of shutting off your Heater , ACs, Geysers etc and using washing machines etc less frequently as these are big power hungry devils, even if they have 5 star ratings .

Its OK . Then also ,  Why not save whatever energy possible , this may not only be for the sake of saving money ?

Here, you are right and we should try to save as much energy  possible and even a small step should be welcomed in this regards . Lets find out how we can save power in CCTV Camera System :

1-Choose branded &  power efficient CCTV Cameras & DVR /NVR

2-Put CCTV Camera on Motion Detection Mode  so that it will not work continuously .

3-Use cameras with appropriate IR length and not for the long distances which may not be useful for you . It is the IR at night which consumes more energy in CCTV System.

4-Run your CCTV Camera System on Solar Power.

5-Use good quality copper wires & connectors , this way we can prevent loss of energy in transmission .


Home security system does not consume much of electricity to be worried about , but taking steps to whatever you can save and making it run on green and  solar energy will save some energy which may be used to lighten a house situated in the far interior area of the country fetching smile on their faces . It also shows our sincerity towards this good cause of reducing carbon foot print in long  run.