How to Access Hikvision DVR From Mobile

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This is one of the new features of the modern day video surveillance system that you can remotely watch the footage of the CCTV System on your mobile phone over internet  from wherever you are. Remote viewing gives us immense benefit and we are always watching our property from wherever we are.

In this article we will step by step learn how to configure the mobile phone to access Hikvision DVR remotely by internet . Please note that the same process will be applied in case off IP camera also.

In summary what all we have to do it to install iVMS 4500 App from Google Play Store, click the Hik-connect button for creating an account and finally add the DVR by pointing the mobile camera to the DVR QR Code or manually adding it by writing the serial number  .

Now, lets go ahead and do it in details , step by step:

STEP-1 : Install the iVMS 4500 App on your mobile phone.

You can get it at  Play Store on the Android devices or the App Store in the IOS devices to download and install the Hikvision App iVMS-4500.

STEP-2 : Create an Account of iVMS 4500 App.

In  the  iVMS-4500 App , please click on the button to open the left menu and then click on the button Hik-Connect. (see the picture on left).




In case  you are using the App for the first time, you will have to create an account, in the  window at right ,  just click on “Register HIk-Connect“.

Now you should check your email inbox to get the verification code sent by Hikvision. Now enter the verification code in the box asked for, click the next button and create a password.

STEP 3 : Adding DVR to iVMS4500 App.

For addition DVR to the iVMS 4500 App , you have to open the App and click on the add (+) button.

Now the camera will be opened by the App by which you have to scan the QR Code given on the DVR . 

The next window will ask for the verification code for your DVR . In older model of the DVRs you will get this code on the DVR label , beside the QR Code. For newer model , you have to write the code what you have created at the time of enabling Hik-Connect.

Once you have entered the verification code , it shows that the DVR is connected .

Just click the “Live View” button to see the  footages from the DVR.

Hope you will be getting the live video footage of your home/ office etc . on your phone. 

Please don’t disturb me now,  and let me see the footage of my shop  which I just started getting.