How Can I Blind a Surveillance ( Security ) Camera ?

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Before going into the details of how to blind a security camera, there may be questions that why a security company will write a blog teaching people to blind security cameras ? We at BRICKWOOD®  think that there may be three reasons behind blinding a security camera:

Your neighbor has pointed his camera towards your property and your privacy may be compromised.

You temporarily do not want your system to record something.

You want to know what all measures the criminals can adapt to blind (your) cameras and hence you will try to prevent it by adding some extra measures.This is same like for catching a thief you have to think like a thief first .

Now , let’s go ahead one by one .

CASE-1 :-Your privacy issue due to neighbor’s camera pointed towards your property. 

If your neighbor has pointed a camera towards your property and you are worried about your  privacy, the easiest thing to d                                         o is directly approach your neighbor and politely request to change the location / angle of the camera , saying you and your family is not feeling comfortable. In most of the cases, it would not have done intentionally and matter will be sorted out immediately.

If neighbor is not ready to accept any privacy issue of yours and unwilling to honor your request, the best thing you can do is point a security camera towards their property . I bet, this trick will work in majority of the cases .

You can do next arrangement of putting blinds, films on the window glass or some kind of designer partition.

You can create  obstruction in the camera’s view , by planting few trees or long bushes in your property on that side .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Approach a senior member of the locality who is listened by everyone and tell him to look and mediate into the matter.

The next step is the read about the local privacy laws related to CCTV and approach police if you find that you are on the right side of the law.

CASE 2 & 3:- To know the ways how burglars / criminals blind a security camera .

For the next two cases we are giving few tricks which may be used by the burglars to blind your cameras or you can also use to blind a camera instantaneously.

1-For blinding a camera at night time, point a bright IR LED light beam towards the camera focusing directly to its lens. Please note , more bright light will give better result .

2-For blinding a camera at day time , you just have to point an IR laser beam pointing directly to the camera lens .

Please note that in both the above scenario, the beam of LED  light or laser should be exactly pointing  to the camera lens .

3-You can always cut the connecting cable in case of wired cameras .

4-You can use jammer in case of the wireless security cameras , if you know their frequency of communication . Although theoretically it may sound correct , it is not this easy practically .

Smearing camera lens by anything which sticks and barred the vision like butter , Vaseline , toothpaste ,silicon etc . Some trespassers use adhesive tapes to do the same .

5-Use Spray Paint –This is again a method used by few criminals to blind the cameras , but they have to make it sure they do it from behind or  wear mask while doing this as camera may record them when it was not fully blinded .

6-Cover the camera by cloth etc –Same as in the case of spray paint , do it from behind or wear a mask while doing it .

7-Good hacking skills , you can hack the security camera , but be ready to face the strict legal action in case you are caught.

See the above pic and think how safe and confident you feel having these watchful eyes of “yours” even when you are not there physically, let not anyone make you blind by tampering with them .