Why My CCTV DVR/ NVR is Making Sound & How to Stop It?

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We all like music but not of every kind and definitely not a beeping, grinding or buzzing sound coming from the CCTV Camera DVRs / NVRs.

An electronic surveillance device can make sound in two cases , one ,  it is made or set to do so and second in particular scenario and hence want to pass some information , in second case it is just a malfunction.

To pass on the information: This may be of some snag in device itself so that we can attend to it or a surveillance information i.e. motion sensing, camera nearness sensor, line cross sensor etc.

Because of Some Malfunction: Sound Coming due to the damaged hard disc, damaged fan etc.

Now with the type of sound also we can get an idea what may be the reason behind it .

Noise and beeping origin may vary depending on what you are hearing. Beeps are usually related to firmware mis-configuration or for giving some information  and other noises are more connected to hardware issues. We will talk about beeping first and then will go to other issues.

Types of Alarm (buzzer) notifications in DVRs and NVRs

Do you know how many types of alarm notification settings are available in your DVR / NVR  and when the alarm will blow ?

In most of the DVRs / NVRs there are mostly 5-6 types of alarm notification option available.

  1. NO Disk Alarm.
  2. Disk Error.
  3. Disk No space.
  4. Net Disconnection.
  5. IP Conflict.
  6. Video Loss

If you have  set the ENABLE option for above notification ,  you will get alarmed  by a beeping sound .

1:  No Disk Alarm

The DVR & NVRs comes with no hard disc installed in it to make it convenient to install hard disc of any capacity and brand. So , in case you forgot to install the HDD and starts the system with it , it will give beeping sound to inform the “ No Drive Detection” .

You want to disable No Disc Alarm ? Here you go ….

  • Login to your NVR or DVR
  • You will see menu list as below.                      
  • Click Event (bell icon) option to enter CP plus DVR notification settings
  •  Select  “Abnormality” option from menu.
  •  Event Type: No disk
  •  Un-check the Enable box to disable alarm and check the box to enable alarm
  • Save & Apply the Setting.

2: Disk Error Alarm

Disc Error Alarm will sound if DVR did not detect the HDD. There may be few reasons behind this i.e. HDD Power Cable Disconnected, HDD Date Cable is not working or disconnected , or if HDD is damaged or breakdown.

You want to disable Disc Error Alarm ? Here you go ….

If you do not want to store the data and OK with the live view of the footage and it is only the alarm which is bothering you , there is a good news that you can disable the alarm and keep on watching the live footage on screen or phone.

  • Select Abnormality Option
  • Choose Disk Error from Event Type list
  • Enable- to disable un-check box and to enable check the box
  • Apply and Click OK button to save settings.

3: No space in Disc:

This is setting which informs you if your HDD is going to be full soon and will start overwriting and hence it notify you if you want to take the backup somewhere else. You  can set the alarm on the percentage of storage space remaining in the HDD i.e. 5% or 10% or 20%.

You want to disable Disk No Space Alarm? Here you go…..

You can also disable this setting from Event option as shown above steps.

  • 1: Abnormality
  • 2: In Event Type, Click– Disk No space
  • 3: Less than: You can set the percentage of hard disc balance when the alarm starts beeping.

You start getting POP-UP message when your hard disc reaches to your set percentage level. This POP-UP message will accompany with the beep. To disable the POP-UP, Buzzer and Alarm Push, please uncheck the Show Message option. But don’t be worried, you can still get the notification in your email. For this you have to check the Send Email option and register your email id. Please check that your DVR is connected to Internet for getting emails.

  • 4: To disable this alarm Un-tick the enable box and apply Ok to save settings.

4: Internet Disconnection Alarm:

It inform you about the internet disconnection from the DVR . This internet disconnection may be due to many reasons like cable unplugged, cable cut or if internet is down. Please don’t enable this option if you are not using internet in your DVR/ NVR.

You want to disable Net Disconnection Alarm. Here you go…..

For disabling net disconnection alarm

  • Go to Event from settings menu
  • Event Type– Net Disconnection
  • Enable:  Un check the box and press Apply and OK button to save.

5: IP Conflict Alarm:

This is a network error identification alarm and it blows when two different network devices are assigned the same IP Address and due to the IP  Address conflict the network goes down. Please disable the alarm for this error if you are not using network for your DVR & NVR.

You want to disable IP Conflict Alarm. Here you go…..

For disabling IP Conflict  alarm

  • Go to Event from settings menu
  • Event – Abnormality
  • Event Type: IP Conflict
  • Enable: uncheck the box and apply OK to save settings.

6: Video Loss Alarm:

This is one of the most important alarm in your DVR/ NVR to keep your premises safer . We will always suggest you to enable this setting on Camera, DVR and NVR. Video Loss Alarm Sounds when DVR/ NVR didn’t get video feed from the camera. There may be many reasons of displaying Video Loss Alarm i.e. camera cable cut, disconnection, power cable loose, power cable disconnection, not getting power etc.

Our suggestion will be not to disable Video Loss Alarm and keep it in enabling mode.

Want to Enable Video Loss Alarm. Here you go ……

To enable Video loss settings in DVR / NVR to follow steps.

  • 1-Login DVR menu
  • 2- Go to Event option
  • 3- Choose the Video loss setting from the left side menu list.
  • 4-In video loss option you can Disable or Enable the  Buzzer Alarm . We recommend enabling it. We can have the system running with some issues , but there is no point having a system which is not capturing the video footage.


Friends! Alarm is mean to inform you about something very important and needs immediate attention. We at Brickwood always suggest you to keep alarms in ON mode to help the system so that it can help you to keep your premises in watch, safe and secure.