Why You Should Not Use Lift ( Elevator ) in Case of Fire ?

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We all must have seen this sign in lift lobby and other places that you should not use a lift in case of fire . Using the elevator in a high-rise building may be a dangerous idea and its like taking chance of your life with no guarantee, it may give dire consequences.

Why one should not use the lift in case of a fire?

You may get stuck between two floors of the burning building :

There are many reasons why you should not use lifts in case of fire but the main reason amongst them is disruption in power supply  which may make the passengers of the lift hanging between the two floors with no access to any immediate help . In case the passengers are caught in the lift between the floors , it is very difficult for the fire fighter to reach you given the location of the lift shaft .

The building or Govt authorities  will immediately switch off the main power supply to the building to make sure no explosion or short-circuit happens and  the fire fighters and other people did not get electrical shock

The elevator shaft acts like a chimney:

In case of fire on the floors of the building the flammable gases and  smoke coming out of fire are lighter than the air which is lying low and these gases has the tendency of expanding anywhere they get an opportunity and in this case the lift shaft acts as the chimney as it gives them good escape root upwards .

When these gases gets the chance to go upward and mix with the free air , they burn in uncontrolled manner and increase the temperature many fold to the lift shaft . The chances are , if passengers are caught in the lift , they would have already died due to the influx of hot poisonous gases and  smoke and  if not , then the very high temperature which follows will convert the lift cubicle into an oven and  they will get roasted in it ( sad situation for any living being to be , but true ) .

Lift Malfunctioning :

Most  of the lifts we  use are not designed to be used in fire and even if the fire is on any of the top floor of a multi story building , the lift may start malfunctioning due to effect of the high temperature on its components due to high heat on a particular floor . And , in case of fire and  resulted chaos  , definitely you are not going to see a lift-technician soon .

Lift Overweight:

In a situation of fire in the building , there are many people who are in situation of panic and will not be able to use their brain . In this case , a lift comes , it may get overcrowded and not one be ready to come out of it expecting others to do it . This will deprive you your very precious seconds what you might have used going by stairs.

A lift may turn to be much more slower than using Stairs:

As there may be many panic stricken people like you at every floor waiting for the lift , and your lift stopping at every floor ,  may be much slower than you expected .

Lift Movement may spread fire :

The Air circulation due to the movement of the lift may have devastating effect and may spread fire more and to other floors also .

Summary :

Using elevator in case of fire is a  dangerous temptation that grows when the person who must put safe from the flames has limited mobility options. In such cases, we must be especially careful and completely rule out the use of the elevator, because the inherent risks of accidental confinement situation in case of fire are increased by complications arising from the limitations of the person with reduced mobility.

On a lighter note , don’t do interpret the meaning of the above sentence like this smart gentleman.